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All Texas Hold’Em Poker Games Are Not Alike

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When joining a Texas hold’em poker game at a brick-and-mortar casino or its online cousin, the new player must post the Big Blind. This does not have to be done immediately. The new player may pay the Big Blind now and to play the game immediately, or wait a few hands until it is their normal turn to post the Big Blind.

Probability is a huge factor when playing Texas hold’em. Players use odds to determine their actions. The chances of completing a flush or a straight, the chances of getting an over card, the number of times you will flop a set to match your pocket pair in comparison to the number of times that you are betting are all important factors in playing the odds. Knowledge of the statistics is imperative to the chances of winning a Texas hold’em poker game. In online games statistical knowledge is the main factor when playing the odds aids in choosing whether to bet, call, or fold.

The forms of betting can vary. Sometimes antes are used. In a Texas hold’em poker game it is usual for the game to start with the two players to the dealer’s left placing an ante so there is a pot on the table to get things started. This is called posting the blinds.

Another factor when playing Texas hold’em is position and is known by the players directly around you. For example, an aggressive, blind-stealing player to the immediate right of a tight player (name given to a player who seldom raises and folds often preferring safety when unsure) commonly results in the tight player seeing their blinds stolen.

These articles do not cover every possibility when it comes to playing Texas hold’em. The TDA and Robert’s Rules cover a variety of poker games, from razz to stud. is creating a set of rules meant for playing Texas hold’em.