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Play Poker in Brazil

Hi everyone! What’s up? Today we came to Uruguay Well, actually yesterday To show you how is poker phenomenon in Brasil Wait dude, this is wrong We’re not in Brasil, we are in Uruguay No? No? That’s true!

I can’t remember what’s next This is the first time Brazilian Series Of Poker Left Brasil and came to Punta del Este To be closer to me, of course Obviously Since some years ago Brasil is fighting For this mental sport #Jogodehabilidade It is fighting for poker to be recognize it as such My hair is driving me crazy In Brazil it takes place one of the major poker tournaments around the world With thtat, you’ll getting the picture how big poker is around here OH… there.. Wel.. in Brazil To clear the air Clearest as… clear We asked them! One word to define our love for Oncasinogames would be… Passion! Sport! Thrill Fun Party Friendship! Patience Passion Joy Enjoy Patience See!

For them is more than a simple sport! They’re totally passionate about it! I love the way they are! They take everything in life with joy, good vibes Characteristics of their culture, no? Beach, samba, caipiroska and who is not? they don’t take nothing personal What’s up?

Ok, ok, with futbol is a whole other thing… But… I’ll be as they’re with that national team! Today, with a little bit of help from some friends I’ll learn more from their culture! And you’ll to! let’s talk Portuguese! I don’t understand a single word!

The only thing I can say it’s: Obrigado, Vai embora Cara Eu, você I forgot Eu quero Eu quero tchu Eu quero cha I’m here with my good friend Nicolau I’m with Bruno I’m with Coronel He is going to teach me a little bit of Portuguese! a little bit… Easy Easy… that’s right! Ok? ok?

ok! I wanna learn the basics! Like the usual slang! For example… days of the week for example where is the bathroom? where is the bathroom?

where is the bathroom? once again, please! where is the bathroom?

so so… Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday There’s no… no, no… Hi Hi! Where can I eat something? Donde puedo comer churrasco? It’s a tricky one! Once again!

Where can I Eat… It’s like… eat meet? Yeah, yeah… like a grill a grill I’m the worst! I’m wondering about poker words Dimond Heart Spade I’m missing one Diamonds Hearts Spades Clubs! Where can I play poker? Where can I see a flop? It’s ok?

I’m ready? Sure… Really appreciate! Thanks!

Thanks very much! Tanks! You’re the best! Great Thanks! Mirelle, I wanna be able to dance Samba! How can I do?

I don’t have a clue! You should go like this… hips motion! Now… hands in the leg Step from here to there Basic Tiptoe just a little bit higher And go like this There you go I wanna be one of you guys! How should I prepare?

All dress up? brazilian women dresses depend on the occasion In poker tournaments it would be… as discreet as you can but always perfect always with a perfect make up earrings A lot of accessories that kind of things Always perfect! Something like that For party time? High heels!

a dress finger nails? Always paint it! Ok, let’s take a look of mine! It seem like I don;t care So… How should I go?

Blush Eyelashes mascara lipstick eyeliner Accessories I was going to say Accessories! Ok! You’re perfectly beautiful Oh! Thanks! She’s gorgeous! Look for the camera!!

The wind it’s going to take it!